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Scientific nameRemarks
Rhododendron Ledifolia alba
Rhododendron Mme Van Hecke
Rhododendron Moederkensdag, Fète des Mères
Rhododendron Palestrina
Rhododendron Vuyck’s Rosyred
Rhododendron Vuyck’s Scarlet
Rhododendron Addy Wery
Rhododendron Amoena
Rhododendron Blaauw’s Pink
Rhododendron Hinocrimson
Rhododendron Hinodegiri
Rhododendron Toreador

RHODODENDRON  KNAPHILL & EXBURY (Azalea Knaphill & Exbury)

Rhododendron Balzac
Rhododendron Homebush
Rhododendron Cecile
Rhododendron Chris.Wrenn
Rhododendron Fire Ball
Rhododendron Gibraltar
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