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Our assortment takes steadily extension and counts 3200 types now with mainly domestic plants. Our assortment contains shrub, decorative trees, conifers, loofbomen, fruit trees, shade plants, climbing plants, water plants, borderplants, etc..

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Scientific nameRemarks
Thuja *oc. Golden Globe
Thuja *oc. Little Champion
Thuja *oc. Little Gem
Thuja *oc. Ohlendordffii
Thuja oc. Pyramidalis Compacta
Thuja *oc. Rheingold
Thuja oc. Rosenthalii
Thuja oc. Semperaurea
Thuja oc. Smaragd = Emeraude
Thuja *oc. Sunkist
Thuja *oc. Tiny Tim
Thuja oc. Wareana Lutescens
Thuja *orientalis Aurea Nana = Bergmanii
Thuja orientalis Elegantissima
Thuja plicata Atrovirens Dura
Thuja plic. Atrovirens Dura
Thuja plic. Excelsa
Thuja *plic. Gelderland
Thuja *plic. Martin
Thuja plic. Zebrina
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